Turkey’s manufacturing power


Since founded in 1957 in Kayseri, Boydak Holding has crossed the boundaries of Turkey, to reach the world with an array of activities encompassing home furniture, textiles, chemicals, marketing, iron-steel, logistics and energy, often acting as the industry leader.  Boydak Holding is active in 8 different industries with 41 companies.  Some of Turkey’s most renowned brands are under the Boydak Holding umbrella, including Istikbal, Bellona, Mondi, Istikbal Kitchen & Bath, Hes Cable, Boyteks and Form Foam.  Completely integrated production facilities focused on investment in each area of service has allowed Boydak Holding companies to contribute substantially to the nation’s economy to attain rank amongst the nation’s largest industrial entities.  With nearly 14 thousand employees, 2000 dealers and a sustainable development policy in each target region, the Holding continues to support the Turkish economy.  The Holding has  been adding new activities since the beginning of its 58 year history,  having grown to reach every corner of Turkey as well as reaching a multitude of countries worldwide through 300 international dealers.  Nowadays Boydak Holding brands are presented to consumers through nearly 5000 sales points in 140 countries including Greece, Bulgaria, Russia, Egypt, Germany, Spain, Italy and the U.S.A.